Hoarding Cleanup

Tips for conducting Hoarder cleanup

The house of a hoarder has a lot of materials that must be removed from there and thorough cleaning be conducted. Because of the huge amount of chunk that is found in such a house, it is likely to be infested by rats and other rodents that are also dangerous because of their droppings. Most of the materials help up by a Hoarder cleanup are biohazardous in nature and must be handled safely using protecting equipment. This article provides important tips of cleaning up a hoarder’s house.

Come prepared with protective - because of the likelihood of a hoarder’s house containing biohazard materials, it is important to come with protective clothing and equipment as you prepare to clean. The house has rats and rodents whose droppings contain harmful bacteria if you come into their contact. You must accord your safety first priority when cleaning up the house of a hoarder. The safety materials and equipment that may be used include gloves, masks, gowns and others.

Separation of items - there may be 3 categories of items found in a hoarder’s house. These include the items to keep, those to discard and items to donate. The items that have not been used for a year or in a bad state must be put into biohazard bags. The items to donate and keep must be cleaned up and sanitized.

Always remember that hoarding is a mental disorder - it is important to remember that Hoarder cleanup is a mental disorder that should be treated. You need to ask for assistant so that the hoarder is taken to a nearby mental health facility for treatment. People associated with hoarding are obsessive, attention-deficit and have depression. It is important to help them great treatment.

You may require help - there is a lot of work that is needed to clean usually clean up a hoarder’s house. This means that you may require the services of a biohazard cleaner to support you in the cleaning task. The hoarder may hold onto other items and you may take time to convince them to give you the items. The other situations that may call for help include handling an animal hoarder and death that may come as a result of hoarding.

Cleaning up - it is important to identify the items that require cleaning up and use a special solution and sanitizer to clan them. You need to dry them before keeping them safely.

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